Wednesday, October 10, 2012

M32C/83 chip decryption

M32C/83  Renesas series chip decryption, code extraction,

programm reading.
The M32C/83 is based on the M32C/80 CPU Core and has 16MB of

address space.Maximum operating frequency is 32MHz. A Flash

Memory Version is available.Internal Flash Memory is

programmable on a single power source.
Key Features:

16-bit Multifunction Timer (Timer A and B, incl. 3-phase

inverter motorcontrol function): 11 channels
Clock Synchronous / Asynchronous Serial Interface: 5 channels
10-bit A/D Converter: 2 circuits, 34 channels*
8-bit D/A Converter: 2
DMAC: 4 channels
DMAC II: Can be activated by all peripheral function interrupt

Intelligent I/O
Time Measurement (Input Capture) Function: 16-bit x 12 channels*
Waveform Generating (Output Compare) Function: 16-bit x 28

Communication Function
2-phase Pulse Signal Processing (2-phase encoder input)
CAN: 1 channel (2.0B)
CRC Calculation Circuit
X/Y Converter
Watchdog Timer
Clock Generation Circuits: Main Clock Generation Circuit, Sub

ClockGeneration Circuit, On-chip Oscillator, PLL Synthesizer
Oscillation Stop Detection Function
I/O Ports: 123*
External Interrupt Pins: 11
*: Spec of 144-pin version.

Key Applications:

Automobiles, Audio, Cameras, Office Equipment,


M30833FJFP M30833FJGP M30835FJGP

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