Thursday, October 18, 2012

CY7C0852AV-133BBI Code Extract

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 True dual-ported memory cells that allow simultaneous access
of the same memory location
 Synchronous pipelined operation
 Organization of 2-Mbit, 4-Mbit, and 9-Mbit devices
 Pipelined output mode allows fast operation
 0.18-micron Complimentary metal oxide semiconductor
(CMOS) for optimum speed and power
 High-speed clock to data access
 3.3 V low power
 Active as low as 225 mA (typ)
 Standby as low as 55 mA (typ)
 Mailbox function for message passing
 Global master reset
 Separate byte enables on both ports
 Commercial and industrial temperature ranges
 IEEE 1149.1-compatible Joint test action group (JTAG)
boundary scan
 172-Ball fine-pitch ball grid array (FBGA) (1 mm pitch)
(15 mm × 15 mm)
 176-Pin thin quad plastic flatpack (TQFP)
(24 mm × 24 mm × 1.4 mm)
 Counter wrap around control
 Internal mask register controls counter wrap-around
 Counter-interrupt flags to indicate wrap-around
 Memory block retransmit operation
 Counter readback on address lines
 Mask register readback on address lines
 Dual chip enables on both ports for easy depth expansion

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