Thursday, October 18, 2012

CY7C09359AV-9AXC Code Extract

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 True dual ported memory cells which allow simultaneous
access of the same memory location
 Two flow-through/pipelined devices
 4 K × 18 organization (CY7C09349AV)
 8 K × 18 organization (CY7C09359AV)
 Three modes
 Pipelined output mode on both ports allows fast 67-MHz
 0.35-micron complementary metal oxide semiconductor
(CMOS) for optimum speed/power
 High-speed clock to data access 9 and 12 ns (max)
 3.3 V low operating power
 Active = 135 mA (typical)
 Standby = 10 μA (typical)
 Fully synchronous interface for easier operation
 Burst counters increment addresses internally
 Shorten cycle times
 Minimize bus noise
 Supported in flow-through and pipelined modes
 Dual chip enables for easy depth expansion
 Upper and lower byte controls for bus matching
Automatic power-down
 Available in 100-pin thin quad flat pack (TQFP)

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