Thursday, October 18, 2012

CY7C09569V-100AXC Code Extract

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The CY7C09569V and CY7C09579V are high-speed 3.3 V
synchronous CMOS 16 K and 32 K × 36 dual-port static RAMs.
Two ports are provided, permitting independent, simultaneous
access for reads and writes to any location in memory. Registers
on control, address, and data lines allow for minimal set-up and
hold times. In pipelined output mode, data is registered for
decreased cycle time. Clock to data valid tCD2
= 5 ns (pipelined).
Flow-through mode can also be used to bypass the pipelined
output register to eliminate access latency. In flow-through mode
data will be available tCD1
 = 12.5 ns after the address is clocked
into the device. Pipelined output or flow-through mode is
selected via the FT/Pipe pin.
Each port contains a burst counter on the input address register.
The internal write pulse width is independent of the external R/W
LOW duration. The internal write pulse is self-timed to allow the
shortest possible cycle times.
A HIGH on CE for one clock cycle will power down the internal
circuitry to reduce the static power consumption. In the pipelined
mode, one cycle is required with CE LOW to reactivate the
Counter Enable Inputs are provided to stall the operation of the
address input and utilize the internal address generated by the
internal counter for fast interleaved memory applications. A
port’s burst counter is loaded  with the port’s Address Strobe
(ADS). When the port’s Count Enable (CNTEN) is asserted, the
address counter will increment on each LOW-to-HIGH transition
of that port’s clock signal. This will read/write one word from/into
each successive address location until CNTEN is deasserted.
The counter can address the entire memory array and will loop
back to the start. Counter Reset (CNTRST) is used to reset the
burst counter.
Parts are available in 144-pin Thin Quad Plastic Flatpack
(TQFP), 144-pin Pb-free Thin Quad Plastic Flatpack (TQFP) and
172-ball Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages.

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