Thursday, October 18, 2012

CY7C0853AV-100BBI Code Extract

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The FLEx36? family includes 2M, 4M, and 9M pipelined,
synchronous, true dual-port static RAMs that are high-speed,
low-power 3.3 V CMOS. Two ports are provided, permitting
independent, simultaneous access to any location in memory.
The result of writing to the same location by more than one port
at the same time is undefined. Registers on control, address, and
data lines allow for minimal setup and hold time.
During a Read operation, data is registered for decreased cycle
time. Each port contains a burst counter on the input address
register. After externally loading the counter with the initial
address, the counter increments the address internally (more
details to follow). The internal Write pulse width is independent
of the duration of the R/W input signal. The internal Write pulse
is self-timed to allow the shortest possible cycle times.
 or LOW on CE1
 for one clock cycle powers down
the internal circuitry to reduce the static power consumption. One
cycle with chip enables asserted  is required to reactivate the
Additional features include: readback of burst-counter internal
address value on address lines, counter-mask registers to
control the counter wrap-around, counter interrupt (CNTINT)
flags, readback of mask register value on address lines,
retransmit functionality, interrupt flags for  message passing,
JTAG for boundary scan, and asynchronous Master Reset
The CY7C0853V/CY7C0853AV device in this family has limited
features. Please see  Address Counter and Mask Register
Operations on page 9 for details.

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